Now that we have been in our house for 3 weeks and we’re finally settled , I wanted to send a shout out to Patricia Corson.  If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be enjoying our new home.  Patti worked so hard for us, day and night.  She put up with my many, many phone calls and endless emails as we made our trek from Edmonton AB., to Windsor ON.  In the end, she got us approved and with a sweet interest rate to boot.  If you are looking for a mortgage – new, renewed or anything in-between -make sure to give Patti a call!

Nicole & Lars V.

“We were told by another mortgage agent that we would need to put all of our funds down on new home purchase. However, we wanted to keep some cash back to do renovations on our purchase. That’s when we reached out to Patricia Corson. She was able to get us our mortgage, putting the money down that we wanted to put down and hence letting us keep the cash to do renovations for our purchase. We highly recommend Patricia Corson, she got the deal done when our first agent said it couldn’t be done!”.
Jennifer and Andrew